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> An Inconvenient Truth -- Dvd Grassroots Strategy, Citizen Home Gathering Event Strategy
post Aug 24 2006, 04:44 PM
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This is both "Hot" and "Cool"!! Click Climate Crisis Jam music video

An In-Home Global Warming Grassroots Event
to use with the DVD of An Inconvenient Truth*

Welcome and thank you for joining us in educating your family, friends and neighbors about the serious threat posed by Global Warming, and the powerful solutions that will lead to a healthier planet for our children and generations to come.

If you are reading this, you have either seen this powerful movie IPB Image
or have been hearing about global warming and agree that critical changes must be made.


We must make sure that our family, friends, and neighbors understand what is at stake and why we must act. The science presented in this movie, and the way the consequences have been detailed, are tremendous tools to share the story of Global Warming, the danger, and the potential solutions.

The following In-Home Global Warming Grassroots Event was developed by The Earthman Project with many environmental organizations and educators including:
Lanny Smith, The Earthman Project,
George Cavros of Broward County Sierra Club,
Roger Stephenson of Clean Air - Cool Planet,
Barry Heimlich of the Broward County Audubon Society,
and Kevin Carter, Aquatic Resource Professional, and a member of the South Florida Association of Environmental Professionals

We created this strategy as a tool for all of us to use. We believe a grassroots neighbor to neighbor strategy is essential to educate people and create change.

Below is the overview of the In-Home Global Warming Grassroots Event. You can print out or download the plan by clicking the Options button at the top of this page on the right. The plan is a guide. Feel free to make changes to the approach and please provide feedback about your event in the community forum below.

Thank you for using your power to make a difference.


The Strategy

(You can download The Strategy with minimal graphics by clicking the attachment download link:
Download "The Strategy" here!!!Attached File  Home_Strategy_Download.doc ( 52.5k ) Number of downloads: 1012

You will invite five to ten people to your house (or another participants house) for an evening event, which will include watching An Inconvenient Truth, creating a dialogue, and a personal action plan.
Step one: Invest in a copy of the An Inconvenient Truth DVD (if you don't already have one).

Step two: Decide on an evening and time to start. Allow for 2.5 hours for the event.

Step three: Identify between five to ten people to invite. If there are more than one adult in a household, then invite them together. Changes made within a home may be made as joint decisions.

Step four: Call the people and talk about your Global Warming concerns and the reason you decided to have this special evening event. Tell them you will e-mail them an invitation and ask them to attend. A draft invitation is below.

Tell them this is a non-partisan event. If they object because of feelings about Al Gore, tell them that the scientific content of the movie has been verified by the world's leading climate scientists. The movie is about the science of global warming, its consequences, and what can be done to stop it. This is not about politics. If they still say no, then thank them and call someone else.

Step five: E-mail the invitation (see below for invitation)

Step six: If you do not hear back from them within two days, call and ask if they will attend. If no, invite someone else.

Step seven: Remember, this is not a party. Consider whether you want to have coffee and cake, but keep things simple.

Step eight: Download associated handout material you wish to share for the event and make copies.

Step nine: Day before event - Send e-mail telling people that you are looking forward to having them at this important event and ask them to be on time. Give directions, parking information, etc..., as needed.

IPB Imagenasa.gov

The Event:
Event step one: Welcome everyone and thank them for coming.

Event step two: Read to them the below statement from the creators of the grassroots journey.

Dear Neighbors,

Thank you for coming together to watch this important film and to discuss Global Warming and the power we have to change the future.

The plan for tonight is simple, we will watch An Inconvenient Truth, and then have a dialogue about what you have seen. We will also ask you to consider a simple an action plan in your home to begin reduce the amount of CO2 entering the atmosphere. We believe that "We The People" have the power to change the future and change the future we must.

Your neighbors at The Earthman Project and other participating environmental organizations.

Event step three: Watch An Inconvenient Truth

Event step four: Movie is over - Let everyone have a 10 minute stretch and bathroom break and also time to reflect on what they have seen.

Event step five: The dialogue

Have an open discussion about the movie and everyone's reactions to it for the next 15 minutes. Be the moderator: Don't bash any politician or political party and stop anyone from bashing them as well. Keep everyone focused on the issue and personal solutions.

Event step six: Hand out and go over the suggested personal action plan.

We believe it is best not to overwhelm them with a lot of items, but focus in on two or three that can be done immediately and inexpensively within their homes. Taking a step is important.

Action Plan
IPB Imageucsusa.org

Action Plan to reduce CO2 emissions being released into the atmosphere by reducing the amount of fossil fuels being burnt at the power plants:

Two immediate goals:
1. Immediately replace as many light bulbs in your house with Compact Florescent Bulbs.

IPB Imageappliedproactive.com

2. Install low flow water showerheads and sinks where possible to reduce amount of water needing to be heated, and used.

IPB Imagewec.ufl.edu

Consider asking them to let you know how many bulbs and low flow mechanisms were installed in their homes.

Democracy in action

IPB Imageifwea.org

1. Consider communicating with your local and national office holders and contenders about your concerns. Ask them for their specific plan to reduce Greenhouse gasses in the atmosphere.

2. Consider hosting one of these events in your home. Tell them you will supply them with where to get the information.

Finally, thank everyone for attending and goodnight.

Invitation (Copy and paste as your invitation.)

You are invited to a vital event to learn more about the danger of Global Warming and Climate Change to our families, community and nation.

Date and Time _______________

We will watch: An Inconvenient Truth and have a dialogue about what each of us can do to bring down the CO2 levels in the Earth's atmosphere.

Please RSVP at ____________________

Be inspired!!! Check out the following amazing music media.
Click the link below the pictures.

IPB Image
Click the "Earthman Blues" button at Earthman.TV

IPB Image
Click the "River of Grass" button at Earthman.TV

*This event is independent of Paramount Pictures. The photos/graphics used in the production of the web video promotion/education piece are from:EPA.Gov, NASA.Gov, Energy.Gov, NPS.Gov, Union of Concerned Scientists (UCSUSA.Org), Primidi.com, Environment.Policy.Net, and Paramount Pictures.
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